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Payton's dad was invited to The Journey by a friend. Although he had no church or faith background, he brought his two girls with him and took them to Journey Kids. After gathering for a couple of years, both of his girls put their faith in Jesus in Journey Kids during a weekend gathering this year! Payton just graduated from Journey Kids and immediately joined the J-Team so she could start serving in Journey Kids. Payton told us why she wants to serve in Journey Kids: “Because I like kids and want to help other kids experience Jesus the way I did.” Because of our Journey Kids environment, Payton was able to learn to know God, love God, and now she is living like he says by serving others.



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“Journey Students has truly changed my life by giving me an environment to be surrounded by other people going the same direction as me. It also gave me a place to cultivate the passion God has given me for worship, while growing me spiritually in ways I couldn’t have done on my own. Being a teenager in high school and living for Jesus is a really challenging thing to do, but knowing that I would be surrounded by other believers every week kept me filled. In turn, I could be a light for others at school like Journey Students was a light for me.”

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