IN 2021 WE SAW:


j-groups offered


j-group leaders with 49 being first time leaders


journeyers connected in a j-group throughout the year

With hundreds of Co-ed J-Groups, the opportunities to find a group one is interested in were endless!

code red

Code Red J-Groups leverage serving together as the impetus for connecting in Journey City and around the world.


From bonfires to groups about mental health, we offered plenty of opportunities for young adults to connect.


Groups for men, women, our recovery community, students, kids, and more! If you can name it, there was a group for it.

being a j-group leader

Josh’s Story

The power of publicly growing in friendships in groups is coupled with the power of personally growing in a relationship with God in one on one time with him. Josh shares, “Being in a group has strengthened my relationship with Jesus. I’ve had the privilege of getting to see tons of people in my group grow in their faith and hear how passionately they’re living for Jesus.”

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